Key Types of Videos to Include in Your Website

Creating a dynamic and engaging website usually requires more than mere text and visuals. Integrating various types of videos is an effective method to boost engagement, deliver information more efficiently, and boost your SEO efforts. In this article, we explore the key types of videos that can benefit your website, from educational tutorials to customer testimonials.

In essence, including these video formats can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. It can also help you show products or services in action and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. Hence, if you’re looking to convert visitors into customers or simply provide good content, understanding these videos is key.

Using screen recordings and posting them on your website can be a powerful tool. That is especially true if you want to showcase how an application works or display a digital product directly from a mobile device. Hence, iPhone screen recording presents itself as a great feature for companies, as the display is often high-quality and compelling.

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Using screen recordings from your iPhone can not only provide a personal touch to your website but also help in explaining complex information in an effective manner. Hence, whether you’re guiding visitors through a new app or demonstrating a digital service, such videos can make your website more interactive and user-friendly.

Why Should You Use Video Content in Your Website

If you believe websites with videos are bad SEO, then you cannot be more wrong. Over years of digital media flowing through our phones, the popularity and demand for videos has increased drastically, especially since people have short attention spans with the popularity of online clips. That means you should optimize your content, and typically the best strategy is making it a short one, around 3-5 minutes.

Moreover, research has shown that people retain 95% of information when presented in video format, as opposed to the 10% retention rate from text.

If that is not enough reason for you to incorporate videos into your website marketing strategy, here are a few more reasons to consider:

  • Boost engagement. Videos capture and hold attention better than text, as we established before. This leads to more interactions such as likes and shares.
  • Enhances SEO. Videos generally improve your search engine ranking by increasing visitor time on site and helping target long-tail keywords.
  • Increases conversions. They can lead to higher conversion rates by effectively demonstrating product benefits and features.
  • Builds emotional connections. They foster stronger emotional bonds by conveying compelling narratives and customer testimonials.
  • Reach mobile users. Optimized for mobile consumption, videos appeal to the growing number of users who prefer accessing content on their devices.

The 6 Types of Videos You Should Include in Your Website

We have already established the power behind website videos above. But what exactly are the different types and formats that you can focus on? Well, while there might be many, we will focus on the six main ones that you should definitely include throughout your webpages. Read on to explore what these are, and how exactly they attract more customers and help your website.

1. Introduction Video on Homepage

Since your visitors will be checking out your homepage first, why not greet them with a video? We already know how powerful of a tool it is, so might as well utilize it.

While there is no ideal length for a video, you should aim to keep it short. We do recommend you keep it under 60 seconds so you can retain the attention of your potential customers without losing their interest. Hence, keep it short, interactive, and ensure it contains a good and compelling narrative.

That said, why should you consider websites with video on homepage and tailor your websites accordingly? Well, there are a few reasons. Basically, an introduction video acts as a virtual handshake with your visitors. It is one of the first things they will see, setting the tone for their entire browsing experience.

Moreover, both visual and auditory elements that you can include can evoke emotions in the person who is viewing it. Using music, voiceovers, and imagery can create an emotional response, encouraging people to further check out your website.

Lastly, such a clip on your homepage is a great location to include a call to action. You can encourage visitors to learn more about products, sign up for a newsletter, or even guide them to watch more videos.

2. Explainer or Informative Videos

Explainer videos are crucial. That is because they help you break down complex ideas into more digestible and engaging bits that educate others. You can utilize it to explain your products, services, company, or even the entire industry.

So, in a gist, an explainer video helps you explain something to your visitors. While animation videos are an excellent way to go, they are not your only option. You can include motion graphics, interviews, or even podcasts on your website to elaborate on complex ideas.

But why do those videos for websites work? Well, there are multiple reasons. For example, explainer videos can be used beyond your website. You can repurpose them across different marketing channels, including social media, presentation, and even email campaigns.

Moreover, this type of clip can greatly help you improve your search engine rankings. But how does this differ from other types? Well, search engines prioritize content that engage users, and these types of videos are known to keep visitors on your site for longer. Hence, this reduces bounce rates and improves the quality signals sent to search engines.

However, do not forget to incorporate multiple elements in this type of video. Utilize four elements, which are visual, audio, animation, and text on screen. Through these, you can ensure you better capture the attention of others, especially since people have different preferences.

3. About Us Video

While you might be focusing excessively on demonstrating your products and services, do not neglect exploring your own company and demonstrating the values and ethos behind your work. Clients will definitely feel more comfortable working with a company they feel like they know on a more personal level, which is why an “About Us” video is critical.

So, an “About Us” video on your website will act as a personal introduction to your company, team, or your brand. It will make people feel like they know you better, which will drive them to further engage with your website and content.

So, why should you incorporate this into your marketing plan for your website? Again, there are multiple reasons. First, sharing your achievements, milestones, and testimonials within this type of video can enhance your credibility. Additionally, they allow you to highlight what is most important to you and your company, which is a critical aspect you must demonstrate to potential clients.

Do not forget that an “About Us” video allows you to add a human element to your brand, which allows people to see and hear from real people, building trust and reliability.

4. Testimonials Video

Have you ever been on a website and zoomed to the testimonials or review page to check out what people are saying about the business or brand? Well, it is no secret that everyone would feel more comfortable if they hear positive stories about a service or product. Hence, testimonial videos is something you should definitely utilize on your website.

Instead of writing a 100-word testimonial, consider incentivizing some customers who you know have a positive idea about your company. You can offer to pay them, reward them with free products, or offer them a discount. That way, you can collect a few people who are willing to present themselves behind a camera and talk about your company or business.

The main reason you should resort to this type of video content is the emotional appeal. Testimonial videos often capture genuine emotions that are reflected through someone’s demeanor and voice. This emotional display can resonate with potential customers, making them feel more connected to your brand and more compelled to engage with it.

5. The Company Culture Video

A company culture video is an excellent way to show your organization’s environment and values. Through this, you can go around the office, show what people do on a day-to-day basis, demonstrate some products, or simply elaborate on how things work around the office.

This type of video will engage others and make them feel as if they are a part of your process and business. Moreover, you can consider including funny videos, such as bloopers and casual conversations that take place around the office. Do not forget that you can utilize this tool and interview your employees, creating a more personal touch.

In essence, using this type of video provides an honest look at your company’s working environment and ethos, which promotes transparency.

6. The Customer Service Video

If you find yourself as a more technical business, then a customer service video on your website is crucial. These types of content are critical for websites, particularly for those that offer products or services that require setup, troubleshooting, or frequent updates.

So, why consider creating such content? Well, by offering detailed how-to videos and guides, businesses can reduce the amount of support calls and live chat requests. This not only saves on operational costs but also allows support teams to focus on more complex questions that might require direct interaction.

Additionally, it will boost customer satisfaction, as they can find the answers to the questions they have on the website in an interactive manner instead of having to call you as a company. Hence, make sure the videos you create are easy to follow and focus on one main message.


Incorporating video content into your website serves multiple strategic purposes. That extends beyond mere visual appeal, as it enhances user engagement and SEO performance. Videos such as introductions on your homepage set the stage for visitors, explainer videos simplify information, and testimonials build trust.

Moreover, company culture videos attract talent by showing the work environment while support videos help reduce customer service inquiries. In essence, each type plays a role in deepening user interaction, showcasing products, and ultimately driving traffic. Hence, embrace all these formats on your website to inform and sell while connecting with others.


Author: Pearl Nicholls

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