Episode 4
Choosing Colours and Fonts for Your Website

As published on Humaneity Global Business Show

In this episode Ivana walks us through the process of making sure that you choose the right fonts and colors for your website.

This episode’s AGENDA includes:

  • Reviewing what we discussed in the last episode.
  • Quick website review – Aust Super Foods
  • Choosing Colours and Fonts for your Website
  • Ivana tells us a story about a client who had a color palette containing 36 colors and 12 graphics
  • Example of good use of color – Alexandra and Sally websites
  • Tools
  • Frequently Asked Question – How do I choose a design for my website?
  • Homework – Choose 3 complementary colors, choose colors for design elements, choose fonts

Quick Website Review

Aust Super Foods – https://www.austsuperfoods.com.au/

Choosing Colours and Fonts for Your Website

The colours you should specify include:

  • The colour of your text (black or grey)
  • The colour of your background (white is preferable) as it is easier to read
  • The colours of your headings
  • The colours of your links
  • The colour of your navigation
  • The colour for your footer
  • The colours for your logo
  • Colours for banners / blocks
  • Website fonts – 2-3 fonts maximum
  • Font doesn’t need to be the same as logo

Check out:

Sally J Rundle – https://www.sallyjrundle.com.au/

Alexandra Egan – https://www.alexandraegan.com.au/



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a design for my website?

The design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
The design is how it works” — Steve Jobs

The truth is there is no such thing as “best website design”.

The look, feel and layout will greatly depend on the industry you are in and your target audience.

You will need to test different components of your website to get the best possible response rate including:

There are however, some essential elements your homepage and internal pages will need to include.

The best way to start is by choosing a colour scheme – 2-3 colours.

If your company has a logo or preferred colours on its stationery that’s a good start.

For those of you starting from scratch, choose two or three complementary colours and stick with them – don’t change colours on every page.

If you’re not sure what colour scheme to choose, surf the internet and find a website that you like.

You can then model your colour scheme on what already exists.

Another option is to choose a template. There are many templates or pre-set designs and you can find them by simply searching for “website templates”.  The templates can be customised to suit your business.

Naturally, your designer is a good source of information and ideas. If you are looking for a custom website, he/she can design one for you from scratch, but knowing your preferable colours is a great help.


Choose 3 complementary colours

Choose colours for:

  • text
  • background
  • headings
  • links
  • navigation
  • footer
  • logo
  • banners / blocks

Choose 2-3 fonts

Competition details

Win a comprehensive website audit