Episode 9

Planning the Design and Content of your Products Pages

As published on Humaneity Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the design and content of Products pages.

This week’s AGENDA:

Website Review



  • Pop up with “subscribe”
  • Clean, modern design
  • Excellent photos
  • Excellent and comprehensive product descriptions
  • Store locator


  • You may also be interested in … feature other
  • Testimonials / Product Reviews
  • Contact Page to be included in main navigation and also Home page

Planning the Design and Content of your Products Pages

  • Product Description
    • Who is this product for
    • What problems does it solve
    • List benefits and featuresFeatures are characteristics of your product, while a benefit is the positive impact it has on your customer. For example,A camera
      Feature: 10 x optical zoom, lightweight
      Benefit: capture special family memories

      Feature: 1 Terabyte hard drive
      Benefit: Store all your important documents on one computer

  • Answer FAQs
  • Include pricing
  • Trust icons
  • Photo Gallery
  • Calls to action
  • Contact details
  • You may also be interested in


How do I get to the top of Google?

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Adwords
  • Google My Business


Painful Truth About Getting To The Top of Search Engines


Write copy and design layout for Products pages