The 3 Best WordPress Email Plugins in 2022

No matter what type and size of business you own, for generating leads, you would be mainly relying on email marketing. That’s why familiarizing yourself with an email marketing automation tool is essential.

Consequently, if you are using WordPress, it is important you use the right email plugins, which allow you to add subscription forms but will also let you send newsletters to your readers. But there are so many options available for WordPress email plugins. This means opting for one for your website could be quite challenging.

We have picked the 3 best WordPress Email Plugins that will assist you in creating successful email marketing campaigns on your site.

1. SendInBlue

SendInBlue is one of the best email marketing automation tools for startups. It also has an exclusive WordPress plugin for emails. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface, which allows you to add elements of your choice and make the emails as personalized as you want. Therefore, this plugin can add subscription forms to your website as well as let you manage your email marketing campaigns.

In addition to that, you can auto send the emails to your subscribers at any time. Moreover, if you want to target a certain group of subscribers, SendInBlue would help you achieve that. Also, as it has SMTP, you can send transactional emails, too, via SendInBlue.

Besides, you can also keep track of how your email campaigns are performing. It will allow you to see the click-through rate and open rate of the emails. Another great thing about SendInBlue is that even its free plan allows you to send 300 emails every day.

Therefore, if you integrate your WordPress site with the SendInBlue plugin, you will have a complete package for successfully implementing your email marketing strategy.


  • Drag-and-drop interface for creating emails
  • Customizable subscription forms
  • Manages email marketing campaigns and subscribers list
  • Automation and segmentation of newsletters
  • Transactional emails through SMTP
  • Provides analytics


It has both freemium and premium plans. The free plans have some feature limitations, though it allows you to send 300 emails daily. While its lite plan for beginners starts at $25 per month, it gives you features like A/B split test, no daily limit, and technical support.

The premium plan starts at $65 per month with additional features like automation, multi-user access, and telephone support. Whereas it has a plan for large enterprises too.

2. MailChimp for WordPress

Like SendInBlue, MailChimp is another great email marketing automation tool that comes with a WordPress dedicated plugin. MailChimp for WordPress allows you to create customizable sign forms. You can add these forms anywhere in your WordPress site, like in the widget section, blog posts, home, and other pages.

You can easily integrate MailChimp with your WordPress site as it is compatible with various plugins and themes. Also, this email plugin notifies you automatically whenever a person subscribes to your newsletter.

Moreover, since it comes with the same features as the MailChimp email marketing tool, it will also provide you with the analytics for your email campaigns. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate your click-through rate and the open rate.


  • Customizable sign-up forms
  • Seamless integration with WordPress
  • Compatible with a range of WordPress plugins
  • Provides analytics for your campaigns
  • Notifies you about new subscriptions
  • Connects your WordPress to MailChimp


Its basic plan is free, but the features would be limited. For advanced features, you would have to spend $59 a year on its subscription. MailChimp’s other plans go up to $149 per year.

3. WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

If you are an online seller on WordPress facing the email deliverability issue, WP Mail SMTP would be a very handy choice for you.

Through this plugin, you can not only send out newsletters but transactional emails, too. Since it is compatible with SMTP servers, it makes sure that your subscribers get emails from you in their primary mailbox and not spam.

Transactional emails are especially essential for SaaS companies. Therefore, this tool would be ideal for them. It allows them to adapt any SaaS email templates for transaction emails to send out to their subscribers.

For sending transactional emails, it supports a wide range of platforms, including Gmail, SendGrid, Mailgun, and numerous others. In addition to improving email deliverability, it provides you with an email log. This log will help you keep track of how many emails you sent, for what campaigns, and also show the scheduled emails.

Furthermore, the WP Mail SMTP comes with the email testing feature. So, if you want to test the emails before sending them to the entire list, this plugin would help you.


  • Compatible with SMTP server
  • Sends transactional emails via dedicated email service
  • Supports Gmail, SendGrid, Mailgun, and others
  • Improves email deliverability
  • Email log
  • Feature for sending test emails


Its most economical plan would cost you $49 per year. Whereas there are other elites, developers, and agency plans. These would cost you between $99 to $399 per year.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for you to provide value to the customers as well as generate more leads. To make sure that your WordPress website has a workable email marketing strategy, you must use quality email plugins for WordPress.

Here we picked the 3 best WordPress email plugins for making the choice easier for you. Our top pick is the Sendinblue WordPress plugin. This could be a complete solution for handling your email marketing campaigns and your subscribers’ list.

The second best is MailChimp for WordPress. This is another email automation tool that provides you with many advanced options for creating personalized emails.

Whereas, another quality option for you is WP Mail SMTP, which will help you improve the deliverability and enables you to send transactional emails directly to the subscribers.

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