10 SEO Marketing Trends in 2020 You Should Know About

Online marketing sees a lot of change every single year. SEO is especially dynamic in this regard, as algorithms change on a monthly basis. It’s important that entrepreneurs stay on top of all the new trends that come up so that they can apply them to their websites and businesses. Staying on the front page of search results requires a lot of flexibility and innovation. Here are a few SEO marketing trends worth checking out for 2020.

Conversational Marketing

Most of today’s marketing is very impersonal and sterile. You’re addressing potential consumers through mass media which doesn’t directly face them.

Instead, they stumble upon a message that could interest them or they could scroll by and forget about it. This kind of interaction is effective at covering a lot of ground and attracting consumers, but not so much in keeping them engaged and interested.

For this, you’ll want to insert conversations into the marketing method. Conversations are a lot more effective at building trust with consumers compared to impersonal marketing. It creates a more human marketing experience which tells consumers that they aren’t simply being blanket-advertised. By conversing with your audience, you can find out more about their needs and interests.

While it’s not feasible to create a complete dialogue with consumers, there are ways to make conversational marketing automated and viable in campaigns. Chatbots, email marketing, and live customer support are examples where consumers can be directly addressed. They help create a more personalized marketing approach which consumers will feel more comfortable with, and they’ll be more likely to listen to offers and promotions.

Brand Visibility and Reputation

Branding has a very special spot in SEO. If you have a recognizable brand that deals with specific products and services, search engines will take note of this. Earning a spot on a Google or Bing knowledge graph can drastically impact search results. Search engines are more likely to recommend a brand that is talked about and recognized by users.

Make sure your content is structured and linked with your branding in mind. Reputation management is crucial in branding, and it requires that your message is consistent throughout all channels.

Adhering to E.A.T standards

It’s no secret that Google search engines currently dominate the market. Since ninety-seven per cent of all searches are done through Google, it’s understandable that marketers will focus their efforts on optimizing through this channel. The thing about Google is that it has its own specific algorithms and standards that are used to filter and rank searches. Adhering to these is obviously going to be a priority for marketing experts.

E.A.T. is one such Google standard that determines the strength of a website. The acronym stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Expertise is an easy criterion to dissect and understand. Google’s search engines are looking for pages from websites that are knowledgeable about the subject matter being discussed. This means that topics that the website deals with more often will be made more visible.

Authoritativeness relates to the credibility of the website. If it often posts misleading or shoddy content, this will be noted by the search engine. Trustworthiness is something you earn by regularly posting reliable content. Stick to a stable schedule and you’ll find that your search rankings will definitely improve.


There are few types of visual content that are as effective as infographics. Compared to most other kinds of images in marketing, infographics have a lot of textual content within them. However, it’s organized in a very practical and eye-catching way. This gives it a distinct advantage in many kinds of marketing campaigns.

The most important attribute of infographics is that they are very shareable. People are quickly informed by the content on the infographic, and they are able to transfer this knowledge to others easily. An enticing infographic will be shared thousands or tens of thousands of times, and help inform consumers about the topic. At the same time, it will also alert these consumers to the website that published it.

Infographics are easy to digest, with lots of numbers and visual cues that make it easy to understand the point being presented. This also makes it easier to cross language barriers and inform those who aren’t already familiar with the topic or problem.

Experts and Influencers

People are more inclined to trust the word of an expert compared to a random advertisement. It’s only natural, then, that ads featuring expert opinion will be valued more. Keep in mind, the term “expert” doesn’t mean much in this context. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert in a technical field. It could be a popular individual or social media guru that knows a thing or two about a field.

Social influencers are becoming very important assets for marketing strategies. They have an enormous influence on their audience, and this can be utilized in a variety of ways. Most marketing strategies will include a few influencer shout-outs and collaborations. A great way to use their influence would be to have them as a guest on a content post or video. This way, they would add a level of credibility to the content, making viewers trust it more.

Video Content

Videos are quickly rising to become one of the most effective forms of marketing content. While text posts and images are still very powerful forms of media, videos are becoming a necessity in every marketing strategy.

Research has shown that consumers trust video content and advertisements much more than text-based ads. Brands are better able to communicate their message in a unique and authentic way through video content. A visual experience also allows businesses to better emphasize the strengths and benefits of their products without sounding similar to their competition.

With the improvement of camera technology in phones, it’s become much easier to film high-quality content on demand. Video content is getting more and more affordable, which makes investing in it a must for any marketing strategy.

Voice Search Optimization

Home assistants are becoming nearly as ubiquitous as smartphones. People often have at least one Alexa or Google Assistant in their homes to help them with everyday searches. This has started to make waves in the SEO algorithm. Namely, voice searches are becoming more and more popular. As people get more familiar with home assistant software, they are more likely to use voice searches with their home assistants and their phones. Search queries will reflect this change, which means optimizing for them should become a priority for marketers.

The focus should shift towards more natural-sounding keywords and strings. Since people aren’t typing queries out, but using their voices, it’s going to change how they form sentences. When talking to their home assistants, they’ll be more likely to ask questions rather than simply stating a query. This means that results in the form of an answer will show up higher in the search results. Long-tail options are also more likely.

Keyword combinations that sound weird or unnatural when spoken aloud should be avoided. At the same time, you should keep it simple. If a ninth grader can understand the combination, it’s good enough to use.

Reviews on Websites

Transparency is very important in the online marketing world. People are hesitant to trust online products and services without consulting fellow consumers that have tried it out. If there’s no way to verify whether or not a service is worthwhile, who will be willing to try it?

Offering reviews for your website is a great way to open up new channels for discussion. It allows visitors to express their opinion on the products and services that are featured. Surprisingly, it doesn’t matter whether or not all the reviews are positive. As long as there’s a review system, the website is considered more trustworthy. It’s

This same line of thinking can be applied through search engine algorithms. Reviews stir up discussion and lead to more frequent comments and links. This is a good sign for search engines and they’re more likely to increase the rank of a website with reviews. When showing various examples of websites in the search results, those with reviews might be trusted more by those typing out the searches.

Strong Social Media Presence

Social media has become a very important part of most peoples’ lives. It’s an invaluable aspect of today’s communication. You can stay in contact with countless individuals from all over the world and communicate with them whenever you please. While businesses have long been using social media to advertise their services and improve their branding, methods have improved significantly.

Running a strong social media campaign requires lots of strategizing and preparation. You can’t have your brand sending inconsistent messages or sharing content that doesn’t feel relevant. This is something users pick up on, which is why businesses strive to keep their social media accounts authentic.

Social media posts and discussions can provide easy backlinks for your website. It doesn’t take a lot of resources to build your social media strategy, but it does take consistency and expertise. This is why social media takes a crucial part in seo for small business. Companies often enlist assistance from experts to improve their strategies to fit new goals. With the right approach, a small investment in social media can pay off big in terms of marketing success.

Mobile Optimization

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t have a smartphone in their pocket right now. This piece of technology has entered everyone’s homes and it’s not become a strong contender for the most often used platform for searches. This has been noted by SEO experts, and they’re adapting their websites accordingly.

Websites that work on desktops might not be as attractive on mobile phones. The loading times can be slower if the website is not optimized for mobile OSs. Images might fit differently and text can be unreadable. This eliminates almost half of potential visitors, as they won’t bother with such a website on their phones. With this in mind, make sure you optimize your website for mobile visitors as well as desktop ones. Learn more about technical SEO.


While SEO might be a complicated process, it’s one that definitely pays off for websites. As long as you stay vigil and adopt new trends into your marketing strategy, your website will come out on top every single time.


Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.

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