4 Simple Tactics to Motivate Your Employees Effectively

Being a business owner or someone in charge of a team of people is work which requires a great deal of responsibility, patience and fast thinking. Your job, among other things, is to make sure that your employees are motivated to perform their duties properly. Motivation is a tricky thing as it affects people’s productivity levels, the effectiveness and efficiency of their work, but also their overall work performance. So how to keep your employees motivated at all times? Surely, most people believe that the most effective way is to give them more money. While it seems quite logical, contrary to this popular opinion, there are a lot of other, more effective solutions for increasing the motivation in the workplace. These four simple, but smart tactics will surely help keep the employees’ spirits up and motivate them to do their jobs more productively.

Learn To Appreciate Their Work

While there’s a steady opinion that a successful and good leader should be strict, unforgiving and somewhat cruel, it has been proven that this tactic can actually undermine employees’ motivation and productivity levels, rather than increase them. A dictator-like behaviour might work in some cultures, but it’s much more effective to be loved rather than feared as a leader. After all, you’ll want to establish a sincere, friendly relationship with your workers where you’ll support their work, but also give clear guidance. The key is to have integrity, but with style and to know when and how to draw the line between friendship and business.

Nurture the Team Spirit

Did you know that in Japan, business people are obligated to spend quality time with their colleagues after work? It’s also quite commendable to get drunk with your colleagues as well. While it might seem a bit unconventional, the whole goal of this tactic is to develop and nourish the team spirit between colleagues so they would be able to function as a whole. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take your employees to a pub every night, but it’s wise to develop a certain routine that’ll encourage them to get familiar with one another. Casual Fridays are a perfect opportunity to start this practice, while you could also do something different such as designating a specific day to have lunch all together.

Give Me A Break!

Regardless of the type of business you’re running, if you wish to keep your employees motivated at all costs, it’ll be necessary to give them a break…but literally. When performing a certain task for an extended period of time, the brain tends to wear out and in order to continue with its work, it requires a fair amount of rest. The most effective solution, which provides the best results, is giving your employees a higher amount of mini breaks that’ll help keep them focused and motivated during their working hours. This is especially important in workplaces where employees are obligated to sit at a desk or in front of the computer the whole shift. Taking a break to stretch and to look away from the screen should be practiced at least every hour.

Provide Them with a Pleasant Place to Work

Lastly, you’ll want to provide your workers with a healthy workplace environment. The key is to create such a space that’ll boost their performance and keep them focused on their work, but also give them a fair amount of comfort and satisfaction. Top quality, ergonomic furniture is one of the main factors here as it promotes good health and the best part is that adjustable Sydney’s office furniture is known to be quite affordable, adjustable and most importantly – pleasant. It’s also a smart decision to implement certain green practices into your workplace, as it can greatly help them keep their minds clear and focused.

Establishing a good relationship, creating a healthy environment and learning to be a fierce but fair leader are the main things needed to keep your employees happy and motivated. The goal is to design such a workplace where your workers will look forward to coming to work every day.

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