8 Easy Steps to Expand Your Business Globally

Several years ago, we went through a serious global economic downturn, so many business owners thought it was best to hold off their global expansion. However, that might not have been a good idea.

Foreign markets still have amazing opportunities for all sorts of businesses, it’s just necessary to identify underserved niches that match your business model and reach for the stars.

If you’re willing to do some investigating and create an effective plan with smart, quick and smooth execution, it’s more than possible to find great business success on the global market. If you need some help with easy expanding globally, here are some important steps to keep in mind:

1. Work on your foundation

Before you do any work about expanding your business, it’s necessary to ensure you have a solid local foundation. How are your resources? Do you have a responsible and hardworking crew that can juggle your loyal home customers as well as new overseas ventures?

Make sure to create a team of not only workers, but human resources paid to exhibit ambition and work potential. Your crew at home will be setting the tone for your business, pushing during the hard parts of the expansion and being there to make your company vision come to life. With good foundations, both financial and structural, you can achieve enough stability for global expansion.

2. Learn about the market

Before you start pushing for expansion, it’s also necessary to learn a few things about the global market. Try to identify products and services that are suitable for the global market and create a clear picture of your company today, as well as the vision of it in the future.

When doing your research and investigation, keep in mind the supply constraints and various other factors that might affect your products and services in the future.

It’s also necessary to study the advancement trends because if there’s some technology being developed that will push your product off the market and into obsolescence, it might be smart to wait with your expansion. On the other hand, your research might uncover certain markets in underdeveloped countries that are just now ready to welcome your product that’s already obsolete in industrialized nations.

Learn about the market through respectable resources and you’ll discover many useful things about your future market’s state, as well as your products and services.

3. Find good partners

Global expansion can be risky, so it’s necessary to protect yourself by getting into partnerships with quality companies. These companies will recognize warning signs of potential risks and allow you to pull out in time. No matter if they are local to you or local to the country of expansion, make sure to develop a strong relationship with them. You can opt for attorneys, consultants, payroll providers, etc. to handle your expansion and hiring to avoid negative consequences.

4. Study tax and employee regulations

It’s crucial for your company to be in compliance with the laws and requirements of the country you’re trying to expand to. As you probably know, different countries, states and regions have different laws concerning taxes and employment regulations. For instance, some countries have strict employee safety regulations (such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA) while others might be more flexible. And things are not always easy to learn and adopt. For instance, while the USA regulates safety through OSHA, Mexico has different agencies with often contradictory regulations.

It’s not smart to ignore legal regulations, because they are connected to every part of the business from hiring to payroll to filing for tax returns. One of the smartest things to do is to consider paying for practical contractor payroll services that will minimize your payroll issues and ensure compliance with local laws. These professional services ensure your contingent workforce is happy and loyal. Another thing to consider is hiring a lawyer to look into international income regulations and help you pick out the best mode of entry and business structure.

5. Choose the right business structure

Talking about business structure, it’s important to select the right one for your global expansion—a mode that fits your business goals. The legal structure you choose (sole proprietor, joint venture, representative or branch office…) will affect many things, your tax rates included. Since administrative procedures differ from country to country, study each various possibilities and see which one fits you the best.

6. Adjust your marketing

As you know, marketing your products and services properly is the key to business success. It’s smart to re-examine your marketing strategy—just because something works in one place, it doesn’t mean it will work the same somewhere else. Do extensive marketing research to see what your target audience is responding to the best (it depends on the culture and values of the country, as well as climate, geography and history).

7. Plan an effective expansion

If your company is relatively small, like many others of your calibre, you might be struggling with an expansion budget. It’s important to remember that global expansion doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking adventure.

Companies that choose to use the right tech and marketing can quickly build local brand presence and reach global coverage while completely avoiding incorporation in the target country. If you’re worried about money, a good idea is to take a narrow approach to expansion. For instance, if you’re planning to expand to Southeast Asia, opt for one county instead of all of them. With this approach, you can gain some stability before you lose all the strings.

8. Seek funding

Check online or with your expansion experts for government funding programs. Many countries have programs that help international companies with expansion. See if your business is eligible for such financial support. There are also various insurance solutions to consider for protection from trade and political risks.

It’s important to do extensive research and identify whether your company is ready for the expansion or not. All the work that you do in anticipation of your global expansion will be work all the effort because it will ensure the entire thing goes easily and quickly. Keep these tips in mind and your global expansion will be a great business success.

Written by Brigitte Evans

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