How to Bring Your Company Culture to Life on Social Media

The importance and power of social networks are increasingly on the rise since their creation. The whole planet seems to be revolving around various trends set exactly on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others.

We can see that even politics is happening on social media, and that is the primary consumeristic channel of communication.

With the increase of digital marketing, social media platforms have become a necessity for a successful business as well. There are many advantages for your company using those channels in your marketing strategy, but you need to bear in mind that having a page or profile isn’t enough. We will explore some of the complexities and advanced methods you can use to raise your brand awareness and reach your target audience.

What is company culture?

Company culture goes hand in hand with brand awareness and implies certain standards of your business operation. There are numerous variables to be set in the creation of a culture, and some of the most important ones are work ethics and environment, company’s main mission and vision, along with the factor of how formal the management style is. This will all reflect on the expectations of both your employees and your customers.

See, you can make a parallel between someone’s personality and company culture because as it goes with people you know, or have heard about, you have certain expectations of their future behaviour in various circumstances.

This is extremely important for your brand, as the processes which will guide and sometimes dictate our opinions and values do not always happen consciously.

This image of typical behaviours, such as response time, prevailing manner and channels of communication can either benefit or damage your reputation. If a company is a healthy work environment, employees will be happier and more productive and be sure this is directly related to your revenue and customer satisfaction levels. And therefore the importance of applying the same values to your social media presence, as you will easily humanize your brand and show that personalized story behind a brand’s name.

Engaging your audience

The main reason for all virtual presence of your brand is to connect with more people than you usually would, reach a new audience and establish instant communication methods. But having a logo and a catalogue simply isn’t enough for most people.

Depending on your target audience, you can adapt the content to be more interesting and engaging for them. So before adding that personal touch to your virtual profiles and pages, have a brainstorming session with your marketing team to decide for a strategy or several ones.

The content you choose to publish will reflect your company’s values, and everyone will have only that as the first impression. Currently and for a while now, the latest trend which seems to be here to stay is sharing videos on your social media platforms.

Video is the most engaging form to capture your audience’s attention, especially the short ones, lasting between a minute and three minutes. Social networks such as Instagram and Facebook already have the option of sharing stories, and various video platforms are also on the rise, such as TikTok.

Nowadays, with the availability of technology we have, people are used to both sharing and receiving content on a daily basis, and you should definitely use this to your advantage. Remind your audience not only of your existence and offer but let them have a peek behind the scenes on a regular basis, meeting your company premises and staff members.

The spotlight is on you

You don’t have to wait for local papers or a tv station to do an article or a video of your company anymore, as you have the power to post this content by yourself.

Take pictures of the working environment to show your audience some friendly faces who are behind all those signatures in emails and you will earn more of their trust. But this is not only beneficial for external validation, as you will notice that your employees will also feel more appreciated.

Post their profiles, personal stories and tips and tricks from their expertise and point of view, as this shows that your employees are treated with respect while raising their motivation and level of productivity.

They can furthermore encourage others to recognize their efforts and participate in the promotion of your company.

Create several videos of regular situations, make a promotional video and various tutorials, along with the interviews with various levels of employees. Bear in mind that besides the story, aesthetics will have a great deal in the viewer’s impression of your company culture. Perhaps it is time to redecorate your premises somehow, and plants are always a way to go. T

his is a simple solution and by searching for Sydney flowers collections, you won’t even have to spend a lot of money to highly improve your video setting. You probably don’t need an interior designer, but sprucing up your offices will help in creating that healthy working environment, as well as the image of it.

There is nothing wrong even in showing off a bit, while you keep it realistic. Having amazing employees and bragging about their achievements is a completely legit move.

Engage your audience further and make them a part of the process by asking for feedback on products or services you offer. Create polls and involve them in your decisions for the new flavours or other offers. People love being heard, and you can gain much by appreciating their opinion.


Your company values are something you are trying to promote throughout your staff members, but there is no reason to keep it within the walls.

It is really important to show that you actually behave in accordance and that your employees are satisfied to be a part of the story you are writing. Other people will want so too, regardless of if they are potential employees or customers.

Social media platforms have enabled that option in only several clicks, and this is no longer an option if you really want to achieve great things. For starters, it can be a trial and mistake route, but this is where we come back to feedback from your audience and the statistical data you will have. What matters is that you learn from your mistakes!

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