5 Free And Simple Hacks For Boosting Your Rankings

Driving organic traffic to your site is a good way to boost your customer base.

But it’s not always easy…

And a good writer will cost you quite a lot of money. If you’re bootstrapped and try to do everything yourself, you’re still investing a lot of time to get results.

But not with these tricks.

We’re going to show you 5 easy and free ways to boost your ranking in the search engines.

Before that though…

A Word Of Caution

The best SEO techniques take a lot of time to set-up, and they’re not always free.

True organic results only come from sustained efforts over a long period of time. Simply put, there’s no get rich quick method in the world of SEO.

So remember three important things:

One, avoid black hat techniques. Spamming keywords and acquiring cheap backlinks from sites that don’t have anything to do with your niche will only harm your site’s rankings.

Two, if you want true improvements in your organic traffic, commit to a long-term strategy.

Three, remember that rankings shouldn’t be your only metric. Positions on the SERP are shifty, but traffic not so much. Do try to look at other things like:

And don’t get bogged down trying to get that one page you think rules to the top spot.

With that being said, let’s get into it.

#1 Improve Your Site’s Loading Time

Google wants people that end up on your site to have a good experience. Loading time is a very important part here, and it’s closely linked with ranking better on the SERP.

To improve your site’s loading time, head over to GTMetrix and paste your url in there:

Wait for their servers to analyze your site, and follow their instructions on what you need to fix to improve your loading time:

However, remember that loading time isn’t a race to the top. Much like having an SSL certificate for your site (which you should definitely have!) as long as you keep loading time under 1-3 seconds, you should see a boost in rankings.

#2 Create Exclusive Content

Whether it’s an infographic, a study, or a round-up that’s not available anywhere else, focus on going the extra mile with your content.

Sure, your average blog post, review and informational content – these all matter, and you should be covered on that front.

But try this for a few months:

Let’s say you publish four articles a month. Choose one of those four and try to make it stand out somehow. Make a killer infographic for it, or try to read a book on the matter and expand the topic like nothing ever before seen in the blogosphere.

Yeah, it sounds revolutionary.

But it’s not that hard to pull off if you’re proactive.

If you do this, you drastically increase the chance of getting natural backlinks to that piece, which in turn makes it easier to rank.

#3 Work On Your Meta-Data

Meta-data is how your pages talk to Google’s algorithms.

It’s the targeted keyword, the description that will show up on the SERP and the URL of your page.

So here’s what to do with it:

  • Make your meta-description catchy and include your primary keyword in it
  • Update all your previous posts in the same manner
  • Update all your pages with the right meta-data
  • Make sure the content after “/” in your url is your primary keyword and nothing else, even if your title is slightly different.

So for example, if you have an article title “The Best Hacks For SEO In 2020” but the keyword you’re targeting is “best hacks seo” your url should look like this:


And nothing else.

This makes it easier for Google to index your pages and rank them accordingly.

If you use Wordpress, make sure you install the YoastSEO plugin.

It helps you optimize the meta-data much easier, and it helps you optimize your content with the right keywords.

#4 Use Better Links

Everyone knows that backlinks are the bread and butter of SEO. This is another reason you should commit to a long-term strategy: backlinks take a long time to build.

However, internal and outbound links matter just as much.

First, make sure all your articles (and pages for that matter) have outgoing links to high-DA sources.

You can find that the DA of a site by installing the Moz bar.

The higher the better, because this shows Google you do your research and only recommend trustworthy sources.

Second, focus on internal linking.

All of your articles should have at least one or two links to your other works.

But make sure you use the right anchor. If you want to link to the “Best Hacks For SEO 2020” article, don’t include the link at random. Try something like this instead:

“If you want to find out more, make sure you read about the best hacks for seo”.


Notice how the anchor for the article you’re recommending is (almost) the same as the keyword you’re targeting.

If you do all of this, you increase the authority of all pages, you make your site clearer to read by Google, and with the right efforts on the side, you also boost your rankings.

#5 Research Your Keywords More Carefully

If you have a site and you want to boost its rankings, chances are you know the basics of keyword research. If not, make sure you read our seed keyword research guide.

If you’re decent with ahrefs or KWFinder, it might be time to power-up your game.

First, start using LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords in your articles. Just go to LSI Graph and you’ll find these keywords:

This is important because it shows Google your article stays on topic.

Besides researching your primary keyword, look for the parent topic of the keyword you’re trying to rank for in ahrefs.

And use that parent topic 3-4 times as much as you use your primary keyword. At least that’s what we found works after analyzing 1.1 million search results.

And Remember…

That there are no overnight successes in SEO. It takes time to build really strong rankings on difficult keywords.

If you want to increase your organic traffic, you’ll need to stay committed. People that make a ton from affiliate marketing with well optimized sites have spent years building their rankings.

Other than that, we’d like to hear more about yourself.

What do you do to boost your rankings?

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