Influencer Marketing For SEO And Authority

Influencer marketing is already an incredibly effective type of digital marketing which could significantly improve the reputation of your brand, reach new audiences, and so on. However, there’s more to influencer marketing than you think.

By working with influencers who promote your brand and products, you could actually improve your SEO and authority. Hence, here’s everything you need to know about influencer marketing for SEO and authority.

#1 Strengthen Your Link Profile

Perhaps the most obvious way in which influencer marketing helps SEO is that it strengthens your link profile. Your link profile consists of internal links, external links, and backlinks. While you are in complete control of all your internal and external links, you usually don’t have as much control over backlinks. That’s why marketers use different tactics such as guest blogging to get more backlinks. Influencer marketing is perfect for this.

Essentially, when an influencer posts about your brand and your products to promote you as part of your deal with them, they usually have to link back to you. Obviously, on social media platforms, this means tagging your profile on the same platform. However, you can ask influencers to also use links that point to your website. Moreover, you can also partner with influencers outside of social media such as influencers with their own websites and blogs.

When it comes to social media, the way influencers can link to your website can vary a lot. Firstly, there are different spaces where the links can be placed:

  • Instagram: Mostly in Stories, profile bio, and posts where products can be linked. Unlike other popular social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t let you add links in post captions (except for tagging).
  • Facebook: In regular posts, comments, and profile or group descriptions. You can include multiple links, especially if these are longer posts.
  • Twitter: Usually in tweets, but links can also be placed in profile bios.
  • YouTube: Either in video descriptions or in the pinned comment.

Secondly, there are different destinations to where these links can lead users.

  • Tagging: Most social media platforms allow tagging. While this isn’t related to the SEO of your website, it can still help your social media profiles.
  • Product Page: A specific product page on your website if the influencer is promoting a specific product.
  • Landing Page: A landing page on your website created specifically for your current marketing campaign. This page can feature one or multiple products, information about your brand, etc.
  • Blog Content: Articles or posts on your blog which is a part of your website. This is not as common as linking to landing pages, but it’s still an option.

The primary reason why links from influencers are so good for your link profile is that you can be certain that these are high-quality backlinks. These are the kinds of backlinks you need to get to improve your website’s search rankings, especially when these are links from high-ranking websites and blogs of the influencers you are working with.

#2 Get More Unique Content

Content is essential for your marketing campaigns. To be more precise, high-quality content is necessary. Unfortunately, by trying to maintain a specific quality standard, you might not be able to create a lot of content in a limited amount of time. This is why having others create content you could use is so good for you and your marketing activities. That’s why UGC is used so often by brands nowadays. Beyond that, influencers could become another source of unique content that you could use.

Interestingly, this content is not just unique but also authentic. A lot of people trust influencers and content creators, so when they see their favorite influencer promoting something, they will be more likely to believe the influencer’s words. Of course, consumers aren’t stupid – they realize that the influencer is paid for saying good things about the product. But at the same time, a lot of influencers are open about the way they choose brands for partnerships. A lot of the time, these influencers are already your customers.

But how exactly is this related to SEO and authority? Besides the fact that influencers link to your social media profiles and your website, you can also repost or republish the content created by these influencers. And good content can bring in more traffic – after all, this content likely uses the keywords you are targeting in your regular content. So by using this influencer content, you are pretty much targeting these keywords you usually target.

If you still don’t have enough content, you can always outsource some of your content creation to increase quantity while maintaining quality. You can find professional writers with the help of the custom writing reviews site Best Writers Online. By hiring freelance writers with a good track record, you can be sure that you will still get great content while not having to spend so much time on it.

#3 Work with Keywords

Speaking of keywords, influencer marketing could improve your keyword game which, in turn, impacts your SEO. Long-tail keywords are very important for your website’s authority, and because influencers have their own sets of keywords associated with them, you can use these to improve your own SEO. These keywords associated with influencers are usually low-competition and high-traffic which makes them particularly useful for your needs.

The way you use influencer marketing can be different. You don’t necessarily need to have influencers posting about you. Instead, you can post about influencers and let them give you a shoutout. What this looks like in practice is quite simple. For example, you can find an influencer in your niche and invite them for an interview. Then, you publish the interview on your website while using the keywords associated with that specific influencer. Likewise, the influencer tells their audience about the interview and links to your website.

As a result, you can bring in traffic to your website with the help of those long-tail influencer keywords while also getting more traffic with the help of the link you got from the influencer themselves. Apart from interviews, you can also create collaborative content that both you and the influencer publish on your respective platforms (or only one of you does so). For example, you can collaborate with a fitness influencer and have a representative from your brand in the same video with the influencer while using your fitness products.

#4 Snowball Social Traction

Social traction is crucial for your brand to grow in a variety of ways. Social proof in the form of UGC and expert reviews, word of mouth, and even affiliate marketing can all help you gain more social traction. Media outlets mentioning your brand could also be a way for you to get more people talking about your business. While you can’t control most of this, you can use influencer marketing to snowball the social traction you are already gaining.

As mentioned above, you need to get people talking about you – and influencer marketing is a way to do this. Obviously, you need to have your own foundation of content. You can create this content with the help of professional writers from the writing services reviews site Writing Judge. But once you have that content that proves your brand’s worth, you need others who can reinforce this idea and spread the word about you.

To put it simply, influencer content is a form of social proof. Even though this is paid content which is different from the unpaid content you get from customer reviews, it is still a way for you to prove that your brand’s products are worth their value. Potential customers are looking for signs that would signal that your brand is liked by other people already. These signs can be the reason why a potential customer finally makes the decision to purchase from you.

But how exactly does this impact your SEO? By having more and more people talking about your brand and your products, you are keeping your business relevant. If your current customers are talking about you, they could spread the word about your brand to other people who aren’t your current customers. These people who get interested in your brand visit your website which, in turn, increases your traffic and improves your SEO.

#5 Improve Reach and Engagement

Last but not least, influencer marketing can help you improve your reach and engagement. Of course, the former one is obvious. Influencers talk about your brand and your products which exposes you to their respective audiences. In many cases, your audience can overlap with theirs, but there will still be people who haven’t heard of you who could become your new customers. Engagement, on the other hand, is a little more complicated.

Obviously, the way you define engagement can determine the results you see. For example, you might want to get more comments on your social media profiles. However, getting more traffic on your website through links could also be viewed as a form of engagement. When influencers promote your brand and link to your website, you get more traffic. Even if these people don’t buy anything from you, they can still browse your website and improve its SEO.

The click-through rate, the average session time, etc. – all of these play a role in how good your website’s SEO profile is. That’s why you shouldn’t always focus solely on conversions in the form of purchases. Users checking out and browsing your website are already helping you achieve some of your marketing goals. Besides, many of these potential customers can eventually become your actual customers. They are just at the starting point of their customer journey, so you need to continue leading them on.

For instance, you can launch retargeting campaigns. Moreover, you can maintain longer relationships with influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors. As explained earlier, influencers can already be your customers, so their words seem authentic to their respective audiences. If you have brand ambassadors, you can promote your products to the same audience repeatedly. This means that even those who didn’t buy anything from you at first might make a purchase in the future after getting regular promotions from the influencer.


To summarize, influencer marketing can definitely be used to improve your site rankings, strengthen your backlink profile, etc. By using the tips in this article, you will be able to take your influencer marketing strategy to a new level and use it to achieve a greater variety of your marketing goals.


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