How to Build Your Startup’s YouTube Channel

Launching a startup company is an extremely exciting venture to be involved in. Many new businesses that succeed go far and establish themselves as wildly successful brands.

Then again, some startups just crash and burn. So what’s the difference? What makes some new companies successful while others fail miserably?

One of the key factors in a company’s success is its YouTube channel. Here’s what you need to know about how to build a YouTube channel and use YouTube marketing for your startup company.

Why Content Is Essential for a Startup’s Success

Content marketing is one of the single most vital factors to a startup company’s success. Without content, your business will never get off the ground. Every business needs content to fuel interest. Good content generates interest; great content sustains it.

It’s important to understand that when you generate content for YouTube, it’s not just about attracting attention that will be short-lived. The key is to build a solid and perpetual interest in your brand.

Of course, this can be very difficult to do when you’re just starting out. But everyone has to start somewhere. As long as you have solid content, you’ll have no trouble building a following.

Don’t just think of content as an obligation or something you have to crank out and plaster everywhere. Every piece of content you put out there, whether on YouTube or another platform, needs a strategic purpose.

The Importance of Content Strategy

Content strategy is always an essential factor, but it’s even more important to generate content that will produce results on YouTube. Never publish random content just for the sake of putting something out there, even when you are running tight on time.

Quality must always come first, and high-quality YouTube content always has a strategy behind it. The best content creators on YouTube always have a plan—they don’t just pump out random stuff.

The videos that you see published on YouTube are made in sequences. Those sequences are planned ahead of time. As a new company, you should be planning several sequences. These sequences should always be planned as far in advance as possible.

What Kind of Content Should Be in Your YouTube Videos?

Your first YouTube videos should be designed to give customers an idea about what your brand is and what it stands for. Essentially, what every new company needs to do in terms of YouTube content when first getting off the ground is generate interest with a foundation of content.

Some novice YouTube channels like to be a bit more mysterious about it to make their brand sound more intriguing. Although this strategy can work in some cases, it all depends on what kind of business you are in and if your customers will have the patience to stick with you long enough to find out exactly what your brand is all about.

For example, a new video game studio that is overly secretive about its first game might generate a few hundred or perhaps even a few thousand followers. However, if they are too stingy about how much detail they release, the followers will lose interest. When a YouTube following loses interest, they dissipate.

Keeping customers interested on YouTube is a delicate dance. It takes a lot of work and forethought. The more content you plan for ahead of time, the better off you’ll be. You’ll have a much smoother takeoff as a startup and generate interest much faster.

What to Put in Your Very First Videos?

When planning your brand’s very first YouTube videos, you should demonstrate what your brand is and what it stands for.

In some cases, it can be beneficial to do a video in which customers can meet the members of your team. One of the best things about launching a company is the energy. Startups usually have a lot of energy, and they tend to attract talented young people. Those people are your greatest resource aside from any venture capital funding you may have access to.

How to Launch a YouTube Channel for Your Startup

Many YouTubers often wonder why their videos aren’t attracting views. While there are many reasons, there are just as many solutions to fix the issue. Let’s take a look at some of the most helpful steps.

Optimize Your Channel to Boost Search Traffic

Your videos need SEO tactics just like your web page content, just optimized for YouTube instead of Google searches. That means you need to be sure that your title, video descriptions, and even the thumbnail image are all optimized for traffic.

Plan what keywords you need to include in your titles and descriptions, but don’t overdo it! Just like keyword stuffing is punished in Google algorithms, a title that is crammed full of keywords will be off-putting to viewers. Like all marketing, it’s a delicate balance between attracting potential viewers and taking advantage of algorithms.

Take Advantage of YouTube Analytics

YouTube provides an analytics tool for creators, so you should use it to your company’s benefit. It will show you what kind of viewers are watching your content, so you can better tailor your videos to increase relevance to your targeted audience or redirect your marketing strategy.

Incorporate Your Youtube Channel Into Your Broader Social Media Presence

Videos are the king of content. No one can deny that. Once you have your platform established on YouTube, you’ll be able to integrate the videos you make onto other platforms to increase their own relevance in today’s digital market.

Create a Content Calendar

Starting a YouTube channel is a process. Before launching, it’s important to plan ahead so that you know exactly how your channel content will evolve over time. With that in mind, invest time in defining your vision for your Youtube channel before you start uploading any content.

Don’t just start a YouTube channel and leave it dormant for months on end until you have a few videos to post. Ideally, you should have videos pre-produced and at the ready before starting your company’s YouTube channel. Otherwise, you may not draw in viewers or subscribers since regular uploads are vital for a channel’s growth.

Assemble a Production Team

With a dedicated production team, you can produce video marketing material on time without having to rely on organic strategies exclusively. Moreover, you will be able to create the kind of consistency that keeps viewers/customers coming back. When a YouTube channel posts a few videos and then goes dark for a few weeks, customers forget about your brand.

Many brand new companies don’t have the resources to assemble a full-fledged production team, so some of the most innovative founders choose to work with a professional video production company instead. Utilize YouTube Ads

Just like with Facebook and Instagram, advertising on YouTube’s native platform is a great way to boost your views. You’ll be advertising to people that you can already be confident use the platform, and you’ll be able to target your audience to get views that are more likely to convert down the line.

How Building a Following and Building a Brand go Hand in Hand

Your first few thousand followers on YouTube just might turn out to be your first few thousand customers. Want an example? Take a look at this list of the 15 best startup videos of all time!

When creating YouTube content, you have to ensure every video matches your brand identity. More specifically, all of your videos must match the brand identity that you are projecting from the beginning.

For example, if your brand has been projecting an environmentally conscious image and then suddenly posts a Facebook ad that irks environmentalists, it could derail months of progress. Building a new brand image from scratch is difficult and costly.

This is why it’s so important to find a brand image that you can stick with in the long term. When you build all of your YouTube content around that brand image, you will have the kind of consistency that sustains interest and helps your new business command attention.

Another way you can use YouTube to build your brand image is to create content about cruelty-free practices. For example, suppose you are launching a new cosmetics company that refuses to engage in animal testing. In that case, you can show your brand’s dedication to animals by posting videos of people from your team donating time at an animal shelter.

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